Versys 650 (2006-2010)

Kawasaki Dashboard | Digidash | Digital Speedometer | Tachometer LCD | Multifunction Meter:​
 - Versys
OEM number:
- 25031-0129
- 25031-0195
- 28011-0063
- 28011-0103
Commen problem:
- buttons do not work
- Tacho failure while driving
- LCD failure while driving


Product Image Item Name- Price
Research Costs Dashboard cockpit 1

Click here for the Test/Repair form Testing Ignition unit You pay this amount if your unit has been tested by Carmo. Testing within 3 working days. .


Repair Costs Dashboard cluster 2

Click here for the Test/Repair form   Repair Display unit We have several fixed repair prices, 0 to 5, as indicated by each counter unit /...


Data copy

Dashboard / counter unit / instrument panel data transfer The total mileage and / or the key codes are stored in the memory of the counter unit...


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