XJ600 (1980-1991)

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Yamaha FZR400 FZR600 Genesis XJ600 Diversion Stator - CARG761 (3HE-81410-01-00)

3HE-81410-01-00 1 Year warranty Size: 103/42/24 (Click for explanation) Among others suitable for: Yamaha FZR400 RR 3TJ Stator alternator 1990 1991.


CARR321 - Yamaha XS XJ MOSFET Voltage regulator rectifier (4H7-501.k2, 4H7-501.L3, S8534A)

Modern MOSFET Voltage Regulator / Rectifier - CARR321 (rotor-2) Also suitable for Lithium-Ion - LiFePO4 LFP batteries  3 Year warranty...


Yamaha XJ600 XY600 Radian igniter ignition module CDI TCI Box TID14-78 TID14-79 3LT-82305

Improved Yamaha FZ600 XJ600 XY600 Radian igniter ignition module CDI TCI Box 2XL, 3KM, 3KN , 1UJ , 1UK , 1UL 3 Year warranty Plug&Play For:..


Yamaha XJ600 Outer Stator alternator rewinding

Carmo electronics can rewind this alternator for you. You need to send your old alternator to us so we can rewind it for you. Your alternator is...


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